Instrumentation, Measurements, Analytical


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  •  Linear Actuators
  •  Part Turn Actuators
  •  Pneumatic actuators


  •  Conventional Positioners
  •  Electro-pneumatic Positioners
  •  I/P Converters

Companies we are Dealing

Analytical Instruments

  •  Cavity Enhanced laser Analyzer
  •  Continuous gas Analyzer
  •  Metallurgical Analyzer
  •  Gas chromatograph Analyzer
  •  Reid Vapor Pressure Analyzer
  •  Remote Sensing Analyzer
  •  FT-IR and FT-NIR Analyzer
  •  Integrated Analyzer System

Companies we are Dealing

Device Management and Integration

  •  800xA HART Device Integration

Companies we are Dealing

Flow Measurement

  •  Flow Communication and Configuration Products
  •  Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
  •  Electromagnetic Flowmeters
  •  Multiphase Flowmeters
  •  Primary Flow Differential Pressure Products
  •  Thermal Mass Flowmeters
  •  Variable Area Flowmeters
  •  Vortex Flowmeters
  •  Swirl Flowmeters

Companies we are Dealing

Force Measurement

  •  Rolling Mill Products
  •  Strip Tension Measurement
  •  Web Tension Products
  •  Diesel engine performance monitoring

Companies we are Dealing

Level Measurement

  •  Liquid Level Sensors
  •  Buoyancy Level Sensors and Switches
  •  Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters
  •  Laser Level Transmitters
  •  Laser Scanners
  •  Magnetic Level Gauge Switches
  •  Magnetic Level Gauges
  •  Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters
  •  RF Capacitance Level Transmitters and Switches
  •  Specialty Level Instruments
  •  Thermal Dispersion Level Switches
  •  Ultrasonic Level Transmitters & Switches
  •  Vibrating Fork Level Switches

Companies we are Dealing

Pressure Measurement

  •  Absolute Pressure Transmitters
  •  Differential Pressure Transmitters
  •  Gauge Pressure Transmitters
  •  Multivariable Transmitters
  •  Pressure Measurement Remote Seals

Companies we are Dealing

Recorders and Controllers

  •  Indicators
  •  Process Control Products
  •  Process Recorders

Companies we are Dealing


  •  Flow Computers & Remote Controllers